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Presenting the Senior Wills for the Class of 2022...

Michael Ainger

I, Michael Ainger, leave Officer Vasquez to the students in Law and Equity. You are very lucky to have her as a teacher.

Natalie Armendariz

I, Natalie Armendariz, shall leave Johnny and Mr. C as possessions to Ms. Tyler. I shall also leave Kennedy (stuffed Koala) and Angel (stuffed lamb) to Alijah Runner. I will also leave Ms. Elaina to little Elaina, to which she can do as she please. I shall also leave my prized Justin Bieber backpack to Big Jay, as I find it hilarious. However, I chose to depart with Mr. Cś badge. I leave Ms. Tylerś coffee to Camila.

Daryl Balderas Coleman

Always remember that the past is history and that there is nothing you can do to change it. Acceptance is something you must learn along with forgiving in order to help you move on. Trust me this will help you in the long run and possibly change your life. Now enjoy the the present and live your life to the fullest :))

Colin Bell

I, Colin Bell, leave my piano to Alijah to play in Mr. Stroh class.

Leilani Che

I, Leilani Che, will leave Box Lani to Ariana Jiang and Josie Landeck. I hope you place in Mesa preliminaries and enjoy your senior year :)

Jia Chao Chen

Every single one of you who vape while I’m trying to use the bathroom. I dislike you with a passion. Anyways, GL I’m outta here. Peace -Jordan

Ethan Chu

I, Ethan Chu, will the freshman 2 inches of my height so that they will grow big and strong.

Hannah Chu

I, Hannah Chu, give Lucas (Chops) Allen my gift of having a flirty personality and bacon bits and my studious skill, and a significant other that is SUPER SMART.

Nikole Farina

I, Nikole Farina, will my obsession with Amren from ACOTAR to the next generation of ACOTAR lovers in hopes they find her caring and genuine and strong, carrying with them her badass persona. I also will my copy of Northanger Abbey to Hayden Garza, because if she were alive in the 1800’s she would very much embody the character of Catherine.

Indigo Fullove

I, Indigo Fullove, give every incoming freshman girl the gift of being able to create strong female friendships that will last them their entire four years of high school, because those can be the most healthy and nurturing relationships that you experience throughout your high school years and you will create memories with them that you will look back on fondly when you are older.

Lailah Gladney

I, Lailah Gladney, will my impeccable music taste to the worthy few, and my textbooks to the students who'll still be using them in 30 years.

Tiffany He

I, Tiffany He, leave my occasional laziness to the people that go hard on themselves, my complaints about assignments and tests to students for teachers to deal with, and my name on the books I had used.

Grace Hedglin

I, Grace Hedglin, will leave my patience for the incoming seniors as well as any teachers who will have to deal with the freshman.

Claude Hurst

I, Claude Hurst III, will leave my books that I haven’t touched all year, the randomness I showed to my lower classes friends, and finally, I will leave my little sister who is currently a sophomore.

Kiara Johnson

"I, Kiara Johnson, give my basketball team this year, my will to say “game day 😈🦾” before every game next season because they’ll hopefully think about me every time.

John Johnson

I, John Johnson, leave my lower classman my positive attitude. I want to leave my classmates and friends all my fantastic memories of the good times! I am passing the "baton" in track to the future track stars. And last, all the Roundtable shirts and aprons for the class CBI group.

Dorian Jones

I, Dorian Jones, will all my confidence, advice, and problem solving skills to my mentees this past year. They've all been through all sorts of crazy and unique situations and I pray you'll be able to carry on the legacy of our conversations and uphold them yourself even when I'm not here hounding you. I hope you can influence the people you care about in a positive way just as we've done together this year, foster a better community at YOUR school for YOUR people.

Paul Kuli

my senior will is to get this frekinnn bahhhggggggg (this is 2022 Uei)

Thomas Lai

"I, Thomas Lai, give my fellow juniors, my will of success in the form of technological knowledge via slideshows/presentations, and my encouragement/appreciation to my fellow past teachers for maintaining the will to persevere in teaching even though us students give them a tough time"

Dylan Le

I, Dylan Le, give KDC the best farewell of all and wish them to do the club best in the upcoming years!

Alana Lee

I, Alana Lee, will leave my child Grace to my dearest husband Chazz and the family responsibilities to Chazz. I apologize for leaving so soon, but it's not my problem anymore. Good luck with the kids!

Tenma Lion

"I, Tenma, give , my at least a little bit. My hope is that you have a wonderful school year. With little to no complications."

Julianna Lor

I, Julianna Lor, give thee, Alexander Monahan, the essence of my presence to remember me bye as you and I leave Kennedy. I leave Mr. McCarthy, the plant child I have gifted him in remembrance of his favorite of all time, 5th period. To Ms. Riley, I leave the cactus child I have given for comfort and remembrance of my attempt in AP Biology.

Kelly Maroney

I, Kelly Maroney, will all the confidence in the world to my incoming insecure girls coming into high school never give up and continue to live yourself. I also leave my heart to Jaylen Tolbert I love you forever. <3

Wyatt Metzger

I, Wyatt Metzger, leave my baritone and euphonium to Eli Graybill to keep it in good condition. I leave my outgoing personality and fun memories to Ethan Barrera. I leave my leadership skills and commanding presence to Madilyn Whitefleet. I leave my potential to learn skills to Sam Mohler. I leave my ability to keep my goals in my view to Connor Waterman. I leave my ability to give bear hugs to Matthew Wildemann.I leave a part of my heart and soul to the music room. And I leave every workbook I ever had to check-out to the trash cans around the school.

Irie Mitchell-Crooms

I, Irie Mitchell-Crooms, give all snacks from Mr. Lee to Miguel Ojeda, for always feeding me. I also leave my Songs of The Day to Mr. Valadez, Madame Taylor and Mr. McCarthy for they are the only people with good taste in music. Finally I leave my locker G-76 to whoever may be blessed with it, because my name is on it.

Sohaib Mohammed

I, Sohaib Mohammed, set forth the dull glow of the gloaming upon those residing in the bitter part of the evergreen palladium.

Patricia Oliveros

I, Patricia Oliveros, Hernandez leave my social studies book to Alijah. My binder ,I will leave to my friends in D I.

Heidi Pagenkopf

I, Heidi Pagenkopf, leave my knowledge that if you get the hard classes out of the way it'll benefit you in the future. And I leave my chromebook for those after me to find a funny arlo the good dinosaur screenshot. As well as leaving my Spanish Lvl 3 textbook, to those lucky to find it see a Michael Jackson joke in the book reserve front part of the book; which someone left before me, to find joy in it. Finally to those few whom I made acquaintances with, I hope I was good enough to be considered as a friend and I hope your remaining years at Kennedy are the most memorable they can be, farewell.

Nehemiah Smiley

I will leave my hard work and dedication to my brothers on the football team, as well as the track team so they always remember to persevere regardless of the situation

Ryan Sookprasert

I, Ryan Sookprasert, hearby bequeath my completely jank methods of CAD to Dylan Lorenco, and my completely idiotic sense of humor to Jaiden Hashimoto. May you all have a fun time with the rest of your high school experience, as well as a great time in the MAD program!

Elizaveta Starikova

I would like to thank everyone with whom I have been able to spend this year. Teachers, classmates and counselors, thank you so much for everything. This year was not easy for me, I was often not in the mood or just sad, but at school it became a little easier for me. I enjoyed studying here, I enjoyed being part of this school, I will never forget this great time.

Akemi Takeda

I, Akemi Takeda, leave all of my restless nights, grades, tears, and stress at school as I spent too much time in high school worrying about the little things and not enough time having fun and enjoying the moment.

Mia Tomlinson

I, Mia Tomlinson, will leave my laptop to Kristy, and I will leave my key chain to Mrs.Chloe. 6

Alan Yang

I, Alan Yang, leave the future of the volleyball team to Christian, Ken, Levy, Chris and Dalton. With your great drive and skills I leave you to lead the future of the team.

Bella Torres

Dear John F. Kennedy high school:

The school that was part of an important and exciting part of my life, which I will never forget and I will proudly tell my kids when they ask me, “mom what was high school like”?. I’ll tell them it was a rollercoaster of emerging new emotions, new adventures, new learning experiences. It was the place where I learned to mature and to learn the value of friendships, relationships, hard work and the most important finding more about who I am as a person and what the future has to offer me. Not knowing what the future has prepared for anyone can be an anxious experience, however I feel like Kennedy gave me the right skills and challenges to overcome future problems I will be facing as I continue to move on with my life. I will never forget that first day of orientation in 2018, me seeing the upper class and thinking how old and intimidating they look, and now realizing that I have to prepare one more time for orientation except this time it will be for college in 2022. or that time when I went to my first homecoming excited with my friends as freshman, or that time when I experienced what a first relationship felt like, all of this and many more experiences I am grateful for. Now comes to an end because I graduate and I have to say bye to the home that gave me so much to learn from and Amazing teachers I will always remember and value. For that I want to say Thank You John F. Kennedy. It's hard and I don’t want to accept that my teenage years are coming to an end because it’s a period in which so many crazy adventures take place, however I leave high school filled with dreams and experiences I will never forget and always remember. I loved every single second during school (except doing math homework). I am proud to call myself a Cougar, I leave this place ready to make my dreams come true.

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