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JFK's New Parking Lot: Kennedy staff and students respond to the remodeling

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

By Sarah Samra and Sofia Cortez, Clarion Staff Reporters

Two weeks before the 2022-2023 school year ended last year, the plan to remodel the Kennedy parking lot located on the east side of the campus was in process and construction began with the removal and replacement of the lot. The reason for remodeling was to remove the existing pavement and to stabilize base irrigation. The construction carried on into the summer and is still in progress.

Some teachers and students like the new parking lot.

“The parking lot is smooth to drive around but the parking lot should be done in 2 weeks,” said James Hernandez, Kennedy Plant Manager in late September.

“We are getting the light poles. The new parking lot looks good and the fresh painted white lines make the school pop out more and look nice.”

Although some people like the parking lot, others have different views on it.

Office Technician Jairus “Coach Jay” Goines said, “They should have built a pathway in the middle of the parking lot to make it easier for students to walk though it”. He mentioned last year there were many holes.

Kennedy senior, Diego Gonzalez Rodriguez, said, “Although the parking lot is cool and it's definitely nice, there wasn't really the need for an upgrade and they made it a lot more complicated than it had to be.”

He wishes the construction was finished before school started to avoid complications.

They just added landscaping into the parking lot to make it pretty. According to Attendance Tech Phylis Fogg, the new parking lot is causing complications coming in and out of it because there isn't enough space.

Kennedy junior Dildeep Singh said she likes the parking lot but she’s facing complications such as there not being enough space. She's also very concerned that the parking lot is two-way, so it can become a safety hazard for students walking -- but otherwise she likes it.

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