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Crowded hallways prevent students from passing

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

By Joshua Cervantes, Clarion Staff Reporter

When people stand in the hallways it can be very frustrating. People are trying to go to their classes and they are literally blocking the way. Many people agree.

“I don't think people realize how annoying it is. There's a group of kids walking in the halls during lunch or passing period, and there's other individuals that stop in the middle, and it just confuses everyone. It just gets in the way, and everyones just trying to get to their classes. But people keep stopping in front of them, it's so annoying,” says senior Rosalie Pereya.

Even teachers agree that crowding in the hallways is a problem.

“It causes an issue because there are other students trying to get to class, and they can't get to where they need to go because they are pushing or rough housing. Potentially unsafe environment,” says Social Science teacher Richard Pauly.

“I think its a huge nuisance and its hella disrespectful to people who are trying to get to class on time, might be injured or in pain or trying to sit down quickly, get to their periods, or people who are trying to get to class on time,” says senior Derek Johnson.

"When you're late it starts stacking up and when theres people standing and crowding in halls, or worse when there's a fight and its wants to get in the way. I have to start pushing to get through,” continues Johnson.

Senior Ceasar Guzman agrees.

“I hate it. It takes up space, they're doing nothing and when people are trying to squeeze through they're just standing there like uhhhh. Move, for crying out loud!"

Although people are doing “nothing” some students should have courtesy when talking to others to move to the side.

“It’s irritating because we have places to go. Why are you blocking the entries? At least move to the side and still be considerate of people trying to get to class,” says one junior, wishing to remain anonymous.

It could be that some people just don't have the proper courtesy of moving to the side.

“I feel they should stay to the side of the wall if they are going to talk, especially in the C building," says senior Ivan Ramirez. "One time I found myself having to go down a flight of stairs just to get around people who were just blocking the hallway. It's very inconvenient.”

“I think more people should be more active in the quad cause, there's a lot of people in the hallways,” says freshman Lionel G.

It seems there are going to be problems in the hallways of one kind or another. Time of day plays a big part, because in the morning people want to see their friends, rather than later in the day after lunch when they already saw them, leading to less crowding.

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