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Cougars give thanks going into first break of school year

After a solid October with no holidays, and following the start of the 2nd Quarter, Kennedy students and staff head into Thanksgiving Break (November 18 - 26) with rest, relexation, and reflection on their minds.

"I’m grateful for nature because it’s beautiful to look at and really therapeutic, especially during my runs with my teammates during cross country."--Samantha Wilson, junior. Photo credit: Sofia Cortez

"I am thankful for not being in trouble at the moment." -- Jaden Esquivel, Senior. Photo credit: Marcelino Barrell

Marc Wright, Office Technician in the Kennedy Counseling Center, is grateful for the nice fall weather. Photo credit: Sarah Samra

"This thanksgiving I'm grateful for my friends, family, access to education, opportunities, and a roof over my head and my ebt card." --Abigail Bird, junior. Photo credit: Sofia Cortez

"Thankful for the healthcare from SCUSD." -- Ben Teweles, art teacher. Photo credit: Sarah Samra

"I am thankful for my friends and family." --Gizelle Pimental, senior. Photo credit: Mariela Avalos Daniels

"I am thankful for my friends." --Cindy Xiong, senior. Photo credit: Marilynn Mckeever

"I am thankful for my good health." --Vincent Messineo, Social Science teacher. Photo credit: Mariela Avalos Daniels

“I'm thankful for my parents and Fortnite wins." --Jack Hashimoto, sophomore. Photo credit: Diego Torres Melendrez

"Uhm not you."--Adwoa Dadzie, senior, speakingto Clarion reporter Marilynn Mckeever. Photo credit: Marilynn Mckeever

“I'm grateful for the fortunate situation I was born into thanks to my family." --Elliot Potter, sophomore. Photo credit: Diego Torres Melendrez

"I am grateful for cars" --Aaron Wong, junior. Photo credit: Sean Woodyard
"I am thankful for my friends because they always put me in a better mood." -- Claudia Salamanca, senior. Photo credit: Marcelino Barrell

"I am grateful for my friends." --Jeremy Lymas, senior. Photo credit: Sean Woodyard

"I’m thankful for my mom and my dad." --Ryan Ford, sophomore. Photo credit: Kaili Jiang

"I’m thankful for my dog and my parents." --Audrey Wu and Katrine Li, sophomores. Photo credit: Kaili Jiang

"I’m thankful for my mom, because she does everything she can for me." --Stella Forge, senior. Photo credit: Ivy Tan

"I'm thankful for my family." --David Ogata, senior. Photo credit: Yasmin Reyes Barajas

"I'm thankful for TV and Chipotle." --Riexus Murray, senior. Photo credit:Yasmin Reyes Barajas

"All the valuable lessons I've learned in life." --Mackenzie Brown, senior. Photo credit: Karla Rios

"I'm grateful for my wife; she inspires me to be a better person." --Mr. Plotts, math/modern band teacher. Photo credit: Marlissa Gonzalez

"My friends." --Kyara Sigheti, senior. Photo credit: Karla Rios

"Being blessed enough to have people in my life that love and care for me, showing their support everyday." --Nasiriyah Thompson, senior. Photo credit: Marsalis Clark

“I’m thankful for my girlfriend❤️!!” --Jasmine Pansoy, junior. Photo credit: Natasha Kumar

"I am thankful for God, allowing me to pursue my dreams and giving me an endless amount of opportunity’s. Without him I am nothing and without sacrifice I wouldn’t be where I am currently. Blessings on blessings from him." --Sylvan Griffin, senior. Photo credit: Marsalis Clark

"I am thankful for my loved ones, good health, and even for the little joys of my life." --Greta Moreno, senior. Photo credit: Natasha Kumar

"Money." --Anthony Contreras, sophomore. Photo credit: Marlissa Gonzalez

"I am thankful for my son." --Miss Tati, school hall monitor. Photo courtesy of Miss Tati

“I am thankful for my friends & family.” --Mackenzie Brown, senior. Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Brown

"I'm thankful for all the dope [stuff] I get to have and all the [stuff] I get to give to people. My bad -- I didn't know I couldn't swear." -- Ben Hammad, freshman. Photo credit: Jack Hammad

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