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Concert Review: glaive energetically takes the stage

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I recently went to my second concert ever. I went to see glaive at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA for the “i care so much that i don’t care at all tour”. Let me tell you how great this concert was.

glaive hypes up fans during the song "im nothing thats all i am." The show took place at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA, on October 2. Photo: Marcelino Barrell

I have been waiting since May of this year to go see glaive in concert. Originally, I was going to go to the San Francisco (SF) date on July 27, but a few weeks before the SF date, he would announce the second U.S leg of the tour which included a Roseville date, which is significantly closer than SF.

The concert had two openers, “slimdan” and “provoker”. They were actually better than I thought they would be. “slimdan” lasted for about 25 minutes, while “provoker” was on for about 35 minutes.

Then the time came, at around 9:00 pm, glaive started his set that would last around an hour and 15 minutes. For the first few songs, he started very formal with a suit on, but just a few songs later, he then changed into very casual clothing.

Singing was not the only thing he did, he also interacted with the audience throughout the show asking questions to some people, including asking one mother what her favorite family guy character was as well as what her favorite song was.

He played 12 out of the 13 songs off of his new album “i care so much i don’t care at all” as well as a few of his older songs that included “dnd”, “1984” and more. The setlist came out to a total of 19 songs plus an encore of 2 extra songs which were “astrid” and “minnesota is a place that exists”.

glaive talks with fans from the stage during the show at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA on October 2. Photo: Marcelino Barrell

One of my favorite songs that he played was “all i do is try my best” because everyone was singing along and it was a really fun moment in the concert. Another song that he played was “im nothing thats all i am”, everyone was really hyped up for this song and came relatively quickly as it is the 3rd song in the set.

Overall, this concert was excellent and I enjoyed every single moment of it. I would definitely go for another glaive concert if he comes back to the Sacramento area again.

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