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AP English summer reading packets to be available for pick-up on June 12, 13

Current sophomores and juniors who are enrolled in AP English for 2023-2024 can pick up their Summer Reading packets after school on Monday, June 12, and Tuesday, June 13. Note that due to the Finals schedule, school ends at 12:37pm.

  • Class of 2025, currently sophomores, can pick up their packets in C-314 for next year's AP English Langauge and Composition class. Mr. Gleason, Mr. Inlay, and Ms. Reynaga are scheduled to teach Lang & Comp next year.

  • Class of 2024, currently juniors, can pick up their packets in C-201 for next year's AP English Literature and Composition class. Mr. McCarthy and Ms. Reynaga are scheduled to teach Lit & Comp next year.

  • Students can learn more about the AP English classes from the aforementioned teachers, as well as from, the company behind Advanced Placement, the SAT, and other college-bound resources.

According to flyers on campus, the summer assignments will be printed out, rather than posted digitally. Students will be required to submit their work physically as well, rather than by Google Classroom or other upload. Details of the assignment itself will be contained in students' packets, which will also include email information for the associated teachers in case students have questions over the summer break.

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