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Should JFK have off-campus lunch?

By JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff

Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch from home, however, many students find themselves asking the school, “Why can’t we go home for lunch?” or “Why can’t I go to the nearest food place and bring it back to school for lunch?”

This raises the question whether John F Kennedy should allow their students to have off-campus lunch/outside food. To that, I would have to disagree.

Shiela Alva, our schools attendance technician stated that the school gets paid based on attendance of students per period.

Although the allowance of students to leave campus to eat lunch at home and return seems like a dream, the possibility of students returning to school is unlikely. Personally, I do not believe Kennedy should allow off-campus lunch or outside food, because it's doing no one harm being at school. When I arrive at school, I mostly find myself enjoying the social premise of school because lunch is one of the only times I really get to see my friends face to face.

One of many reasons students may want to have an off campus lunch is to feel the comfortability of enjoying a meal in the comfort of your home. Even so, the comfortability of being at home could be so overbearing that a student may refuse to return home. Not only would students possibly leave school to head home, but whos to say that students will actually head home and not somewhere else.

Once students arrive on campus, the school gains the responsibility of the students' whereabouts as well as the safety of many students. Due to this huge responsibility and to avoid a lawsuit, the possibility of our school allowing the absence of students on campus to have lunch off-campus is highly unlikely in the case that something could happen to the students. Lunch is a viable asset to student life here at John F Kennedy High School. To ensure such a new opportunity would only hurt the school instead of help it.

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