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Senior Wills from the Class of 2024

Updated: Jun 3


What will you give away for the rising Cougars behind you? (...all for fun -- it doesn’t have to be actual things)

Make it profound...  make it silly... keep it real!

Add your entry using this link!

I, Diego Torres give David Maucieri my diet plan so he can slim down a bit.

I, Debie, give freshmen, my assurance that you will be as annoyed as me when you're an upperclassmen and lower class men enter the school with the same attitude as you when you were a freshmen. Therefore think before you get upset at them because we all been there and we will eventually grow up, some really don't but it's okay. Have the best time of your lives!

I, Kai Nakaoka, leave my sarcasm to Izzy Moreno and my remaining sanity to Kevina Ma. I hope you make the most of your remaining year at Kennedy.

I , the undersigned David Sorto, do herby bequeath unto Jadon Yuke, colloquially and reverentially referred to as "The Super Senior" the meticulously crafted and intricately detailed compendium of my scholastic endeavors and strategies. This magnanimous gesture is extended with the earnest hope and profound aspiration that he might successfully culminate his academic journey and attain the esteemed status of graduation prior to the notable milestone of his thirtieth year upon this Earth.

I, Adma Maucieri, leaf my sococer training rutine to Lucas Namiakwa so that he could finalyl get more palying time in soccer games over Jadon YUKe for when they are both sneiors next year.,

I, Marilynn Mckeever give whatever student joins 0 period orchestra the cello I used so they can learn how to play it better than I ever did.

I, Karla Rios, give the next year's super silly students in Mr. Gleason's 5th period class rows 5 and 6.

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