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Senior Ball Recap

By Andres Luevano, Clarion Sports Editor

Senior Ball was held Friday, May 20, at the Kimpton Sawyer hotel. This was the first Senior Ball for Kennedy Seniors since 2019.

The original start time was 6pm, but due to AP testing, the student body decided to change the start time an hour later. Students got the announcement through the jfk.updates Instagram and the bulletin announcements in the morning the week before the dance.

The theme for this years Senior Ball was The Enchanted Forest

Drinks and desserts were provided for free, but students had to either eat meals before or after the dance.

“The location and timing were all great,” said senior Angelica Fontes “I talked to a lot of people that I hadn't talked to in a long time. I had a lot of fun”.

Those who attended danced the night away on the dancefloor and sat outside talking and laughing on the balcony or inside of the lobby. There was a good vibe going around all night.

I asked senior Jacob Luera if he would go back and re-do the night all over again.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun, the music was above par, the only difference would be for me to dance a bit more and eat more.”

Four seniors inside the Magnolia Ballroom during Ball.

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