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Homecoming Rally captures collective school spirit

By Marilynn Mckeever, Karla Rios, and Ivy Tan, Clarion Staff Reporters

What is Homecoming? An anticipating day for students, homecoming is a celebration that brings together students, dances, cheerleaders, and games to welcome back alumni to their alma mater (their former school) for a football game and other festivities. Held on Friday, Sept. 29, the Kennedy Homecoming (Hoco) Rally took place in the main gym.

Rally M.C.s introduce the Class of 2024 Homecoming court at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Pictured (l-r): Zach Chan, Tim Zhen, Sherston Miles, Nick Lee, Kenny Kim, Edwin Li, Bruce Mahon, Blake Rahill, Marissa Gong, Kyara Sigheti, Kai Nakaoka, Karen Huang, Jayla Brown, Jayln Huerta, Hailey Luistro, Jaiden Hashimoto, Anna Owyoung, Alyssa Nakagawa. Not pictured: Zohair Habib, Gabe Trevizo. Photo by Karla Rios.

On the day of the Hoco rally, every corner of our school came alive with the speedy energy of our students. The moment students stepped onto campus, they were immersed in an atmosphere of color. Each class has its respective colors: blue for seniors, purple for juniors, yellow for sophomores, and red for freshmen. Every corner on campus created a designated area for each class, bringing each student of the same year together to compete in the games later on. The rhythm of the music got feet tapping, inviting students to join the party.

“I like how the rally got to include people in each class, because of the class chants and games. I also enjoyed the performances that VIP and KDC gave,” said Andrew Peterson, a senior at Kennedy.

Junior Erieze Proctor emcees the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

But the Homecoming Rally isn't just about the dancing and cheering; it is also a day for friendly competition between the younger and upperclassmen, by challenging students to a variety of exciting games, all designed to test skills and bring out each class's competitiveness. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or just looking for some fun, there's something for everyone.

The Homecoming Rally was a day packed with excitement and a strong sense of school spirit. The event kicked off with MCJROTC members presenting the American flag, while the choir class sang the national anthem, with students standing proudly and with their right hands over their hearts.

After the patriotic beginning, the atmosphere shifts to a spirited competition among the classes in the iconic class chants, where each class tries to outdo the others in enthusiasm. The seniors led the way with their spirited cheers, closely followed by the juniors. The freshmen made their presence known with their loud roars, easily beating the sophomores in volume, at least in the first rally. During the second rally, the sophomores dominated the freshmen.

The excitement continued with a series of games that had everyone on the edge of their seats. The relay race game was a hit, and once again, the seniors showcased their agility and determination by leading the senior class to be victorious. This victory added to the friendly rivalry between the classes and showed that seniors are on top. Class points after the rally were: Seniors with 1,051; Juniors with 577; Sophomores with 529; and Freshmen with 614.

Class relay game at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

Amidst all the games and cheers, the school's dance teams took the stage, captivating the audience with their performances. Vibe in Promo (VIP) and Korean Dance Club (KDC), the hip-hop dance club and Korean dance club, left everyone in awe with their dance routines, infusing the rally with even more energy.

“I had a lot of fun and we had the best crowd we’ve had since I’ve started dancing here,” said Adwoa Dadzie, a senior and performer of KDC & VIP.

The laughter and fun continued with the Lip Syncing Challenge, where the juniors and freshmen engaged in a hilarious battle of wits and strength, fighting for the microphone to send their voices onto the gym. The hip songs brought all the students together, engaging in who knew the song lyrics best.

Choir and MCJROTC flag presentation at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

The rally concluded on a high note with another class chant, this time in the dark, with students' phone lights shining bright, symbolizing the unity and shared spirit of our school community

Seniors cheering their classmates on at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

In essence, the Homecoming Rally was a day that brought our school together in celebration. It was a time to showcase our school pride and traditions, but it was also a testament to the strong bonds and friendships that make our school community so special.

Korean Dance Club (KDC) dance performance at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

“The rally was fun and memorable,” said senior Kamila Perez.

Mc down while senior and freshman fight for the mic at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Karla Rios.

Students flashlights light up the big gym at the Homecoming Rally on Friday, September 29. Photo by Clarion Staff.

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