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Do Students Need Lockers?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

By Leilani Jeanpierre, Clarion News Editor and Robert Donaldson, Clarion Staff Reporter

In the past Kennedy has used lockers every year. During my freshman year, my locker was super useful. During lunch I had put all my books ,P.E clothes, and snacks that I didn't want to carry around in my locker. Most students at Kennedy have also found lockers useful. Before the school shut down, students at Kennedy had a choice to use the lockers or not. Due to Covid, all the lockers have been closed off from students and zip- tied shut.

Do Kennedy students think the school needs the lockers?

Junior Antonio Napoleon Jr. said, “ I think it's unfair and I don't see why COVID has anything to do with us not having lockers.”

“I think they could,” said Senior Ariana Tubes G. “I don't know why they shut them down because everybody touches their own locker, but I think that we could use some lockers.”

She also said she doesn't know why the school doesn't open them or issue them out.

Freshman Emily Labrasca said, “I could put some of my stuff in there because sometimes my back hurts so bad. I sometimes have back problems. So my backpack could be lighter…”

I believe that most students at Kennedy could use this resource for things they don't have to carry. Another advantage to these lockers is that students can put away their school books and P.E clothes and not lose them because it's at school in a safe place. This could result in less fees for lost items.

There is one issue with lockers as well. Principal Reginald Brown has concerns that opening the lockers would be another excuse for students to not go to class.

A lot of students recently have been outside their classes and with lockers, it could be another excuse to get out of classrooms. For this reason, the school is considering removing the lockers. Brown has not yet made any decisions yet.

Despite that, I still think students should at least have the choice of using a locker. Students can have extra storage space for their things and we can all benefit from less fees for their lost items, and most of our school things will be easily accessible.

Image of lockers in the B wing zip tied closed to restrict access. Photo by Leilani Jeanpierre, Clarion News Editor.

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